The principles of ventilated rain screen cladding and their contribution to energy conservation and a comfortable, ambient climate are explained. By design guidelines, the differences between a drained and back-ventilated system and a pressure-equalized system are illustrated.

Learning Objectives:  Understand the principles of drained and back-ventilated rain screen cladding and their design opportunities. Identify topics of special attention in design and construction, relate them to building codes and learn how to resolve them.

How Taught:  The CES facilitator utilizes a PowerPoint or slide presentation to provide an in-depth overview or typical design topics like history, control of water leakage, proper joint design, weather and air barriers, energy conservation and structural design.  The program concludes with photos of completed US projects.

A/V Needed:  Electrical power and screen for PowerPoint.  The CES facilitator supplies the projectors.

Target Audience:  Architects, specifiers, owners and other design professionals in the commercial market.  The ideal audience size can be one on one or over 50.  This program meets every experience level with time designed into the program for question sand answers.  

Cost to participant: There is no cost to bring this program into your firm or chapter meeting.


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